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Park Rules

The Arrowhead Way - "Wildly Civilized"

Ely, Minnesota

Welcome to the end of the road! We are pleased to have you stay with us in Ely, MN. Arrowhead RV Resort ("Arrowhead") strives to be a cut above in our motor coach offerings, and in that effort we ask that you please follow our policies of safety, courtesy and common sense.

There is nothing you need to do other than make sure your license plate is visible from your site. Do not change sites without clearing the transfer with our office. Adjustments may be made to your reservation, so just relax and unwind. Arrowhead is a private resort. We do our best to serve you the way we would want to be treated, like friends. So unwind, relax and make memories, and please keep in mind a few key points.

May through September are peak months and rentable on a daily basis.

October through April, sites are rentable on a month-to-month basis.

Your reservation includes 1 (one) RV, 1 (one) passenger vehicle, 3 (three) guests, 2 (two) pets. Additional guests, vehicles, trailers and pets must be registered with the office and applicable fees paid nightly before the office closes at 8 PM. There will be a $20.00 surcharge plus the price of each addition for unreported vehicles, guests, and/or pets. Special events may command an Event Rate or Package Rate.  Rates cannot be converted from daily to monthly and/or monthly to daily. See our events page for details and specific dates.

SPEED LIMIT: 5 miles per hour throughout Arrowhead.

QUIET HOURS: 10:00pm - 7:00am. All unregistered guests, pets and vehicles must be off the property by 10:00pm.

CHECK-IN TIME: is 4:00pm. You do not have to be present to check in. We will deliver your key card(s) to you before 8:00pm.

CHECK-OUT TIME: is 11:00am. If you need extra time to check out, rates are $20.00 for the first hour and $10.00 for each additional hour up to 3:00pm. Refunds are not available for early departure due to weather, illness or personal emergencies.

  • Return key cards to the office before exiting the property.

PETS: Well behaved dogs are welcome at Arrowhead. DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES: unless in the off-leash area. Use dog waste stations and clean up after your pet every time. Pet owner assumes all risk for pets and agree to assume liability for pet while on Arrowhead RV Resort property. In some cases, pet complaints may result in termination of your rental, and charges may apply. Service animals are always permitted in areas in accordance with current and applicable laws. There will be an extra charge of $20.00 if waste is not picked up and disposed of properly.

AT YOUR SITE: Tarps, blinking/flashing lights, soft sided camping units including tents, pop-ups and hybrids are NOT permitted. The City of Ely has mandated that wood-burning campfires are also NOT permitted.

Umbrellas, awnings, screens, TVs, BBQ's, radios, chairs, tables, skirting, non-blinking outdoor lighting and mats are OK as long as the sound remains contained within your site. Loud music/TV, power tools, and other loud noises are not allowed at any time at Arrowhead.

WASTE DISPOSAL: One 10lb (tall kitchen) bag may be dropped at the corner of the power-pedestal side of your site before 10:00am. Snow procedures for waste removal may vary.

Sewage dump is at all sites - Disposable gloves are available at the office during business hours.

RESTROOMS: All of our restrooms and shower facilities are designed to be handicapped/family accessible. We pride ourselves on our impeccably clean, modern facilities. If you see something that needs attention, please let us know right away!

 GOOD NIGHT! ALL food, pets and valuables must be brought inside your living quarters at night. Please do not feed the wild animals that visit Arrowhead. They can damage vehicles and property and become reliant on our donations. Please respect landscaping by leaving its rustic beauty the way you found it. Do not hang items from our trees, buildings or fences.

LAUNDRY: Laundry and restrooms are open 24 hours, for your convenience.  Outdoor clotheslines are not permitted at Arrowhead. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while in public areas of the Park, and are not permitted to stay on Park property without the supervision of a parent/caregiver.

SMOKING: Smoking is NOT ALLOWED IN ANY BUILDINGS, including restrooms, laundry.

INVASIVE SPECIES: Please do not transport firewood to or from Ely, MN. Check your boat and trailer for hitchhikers before you go to the lake! More information on what to look for may be found at the office.

ARROWHEAD GROUNDS: We want you to love our grounds like we do, so please help keep them beautiful by treating them gently. Do not collect or burn wood or trees from our property. Portable dog corrals, lawn chairs, baby cribs, picnic blankets, water toys and sprinklers are OK to use on the grass but must be moved off the grass by nightfall to allow the grass to recover. Do not park vehicles on the lawn around your site. ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, bikes and scooters should all be parked in the driveway. Portable patios, dog houses, mats/rugs, pavers and tubs/pools of any kind are not permitted on the grass at your site.

VEHICLE CARE: We appreciate a clean rig! Please do not wash vehicles of any kind at the Park. We have a car/RV wash in Ely for self-service vehicle washing. Vehicle repair is not permitted onsite.

FIREARMS AND FIREWORKS: Fireworks are NOT PERMITTED for personal use at any time on Park property. Firearms are to be kept inside guest's personal living quarters at all times, and enclosed in a case or bag when transported from vehicle to vehicle. Cleaning, showing, or otherwise brandishing uncased firearms outside one's private living quarters is grounds for immediate removal from the Park.

LEGAL: If you have read this far, you probably aren't who we worry about. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for non-compliance of our policies. Illegal activities, endangering other guests, deliberate damage of Park or guest property may result in police/fire/legal action, additional charges to your account, swift termination of your rental.

Now get out there and discover why we are all here!

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